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Columbia River water supply projects

Our infrastructure, construction, and environmental enhancement projects bring water to growing communities and support the agricultural economy, endangered fish, and the natural environment. This work addresses priorities outlined by the Legislature to aggressively seek new water supplies for both instream and out-of-stream benefits, specifically to:

  • Deliver replacement water to Odessa subarea farmers, who now rely on a declining aquifer.
  • Make water available for current municipal, domestic, industrial, and irrigation needs – especially during drought – and develop water to respond to future needs and climate change.
  • Assure water is available to benefit streamflows and habitat when fish need it most.

The Columbia River Basin Development Account is funding projects to improve water supplies for farms, communities, and industry, and to support important salmon and steelhead populations. Our construction projects are making delivery systems more efficient and tapping into existing water resources. We're exploring viable surface and underground storage capacity and restoring streamflows and improving habitat for fish and wildlife.

The account is designed to support all our instream and out-of-stream benefits across Eastern Washington. Keep tabs on our projects by viewing the story map.

Our Columbia River project story map has tabs that will take you to more information on how we're developing water for familes and farms, and to support fish. Click on story map link above.