Upper Clear Creek Mitigation Bank

The proposed 28-acre Upper Clear Creek Mitigation Bank is located in Pierce County. The bank, sponsored by the Port of Tacoma, is continuing through the technical review process.

Project sponsor

Port of Tacoma
PO Box 1837
Tacoma, WA 98401

Mark Rettmann

Project status

  • Ecology public notice issued: July 12, 2017, with Mitigation Banking Instrument. 
  • Joint Corps and Ecology public notice issued: August 7, 2014, with Prospectus.

Site location

  • Water Resources Inventory Area 10, between Puyallup and Tacoma in Pierce County
  • Upper Clear Creek
    • Sections 13 and 14, Township 20N, Range 3E
    • Between River Road East and Pioneer Way East (southeast of Gay Road East where it crosses Clear Creek)
  • Site location map

Project size and actions

  • Size: 28 acres.
  • Site actions: re-establish and rehabilitate wetlands, enhance upland habitat, and reconnect Clear Creek to the floodplain.