Department of Ecology News Release - May 27, 2020

Statement from Ecology director on lawsuit challenging federal emissions rollback

Washington joins 27 states and cities in fighting for cleaner vehicles


Today, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson joined a multi-state lawsuit challenging the federal government's move to weaken emissions standards for new vehicles. Department of Ecology Director Laura Watson issued a statement on the decision:

"We stand with Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson on his decision to join 27 states and cities in challenging the federal government’s 'Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient' vehicles rule.

"In its rush to increase air pollution and block cleaner cars, the federal government cooked the books. The disingenuous process that led to the so-called 'SAFE' rule was rife with flawed science, shaky math, and faulty conclusions.

"This rule would mean dirtier cars and dirtier air for years to come, risking public health, increasing greenhouse gas emissions, and threatening our future. Even many automakers have joined doctors and public health experts to call for more stringent emissions standards. We hope the courts will force federal agencies to roll back this toxic rule."

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