Department of Ecology News Release - November 20, 2023

Hanford Site agencies to hold cleanup dialogue meeting in Kennewick on Dec. 5

A joint announcement from the Tri-Party Agreement agencies

Join the Tri-Party agencies for our in-person Hanford Dialogue in Kennewick on Dec. 5, 2023! 


The public is invited to ask questions and learn about Hanford Site cleanup during an in-person Hanford Dialogue meeting in Kennewick on Tuesday, Dec. 5. 

The Hanford Site produced more than 70 tons of plutonium from World War II through the Cold War. When plutonium production ceased in 1989, the site’s mission shifted to the environmental cleanup of significant chemical and radioactive waste left behind. 

The Tri-Party Agreement (TPA) agencies involved in cleanup — the U.S. Department of Energy (Energy), the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — will host this conversation to inform and take questions from the public about ongoing work at the site. 

Energy is the federal agency responsible for Hanford and its cleanup, while Ecology and EPA regulate the cleanup. 

During the meeting, TPA leadership will provide a brief welcome, followed by breakout sessions with agency staff to discuss and answer questions about the latest Hanford cleanup projects. 

Participants can ask agency experts about the Direct-Feed Low-Activity Waste approach for tank waste treatment, current remedial cleanup work, and a look-ahead at the Hanford cleanup mission. 

Join the in-person Hanford Dialogue on Tuesday, Dec. 5, at the Red Lion Hotel in Kennewick near Columbia Center on 1101 N. Columbia Center Blvd. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. for an open house, and the dialogue is from 6 to 8 p.m. 

Meeting information and the agenda can be found on Energy’s website

Media toolkit:
•    Hanford Dialogue promotion video on YouTube
•    Hanford Dialogue promotion video for download from Ecology’s website
•    Promotion video script for download from Ecology’s website

Contact information

Ryan Miller
Washington Department of Ecology
Twitter: EcyHanford
Geoff Tyree
U.S. Department of Energy
Roberto Armijo
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency