Department of Ecology News Release - January 9, 2024

Waste disposal company penalized $25,000 for improperly managing dangerous waste


Burlington Environmental, a subsidiary of Clean Earth and Harsco, is receiving a $25,000 penalty from the Washington Department of Ecology for violating state dangerous waste regulations. Burlington Environmental improperly stored dangerous waste on site for several months and failed to adequately train its employees on managing that waste.

Burlington Environmental is a 10-day waste transfer facility that collects waste from commercial clients around Oregon and Washington, and transports that material to waste disposal facilities. The facility manages dangerous and solid waste, such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, aerosols and flammable materials. Dangerous waste can, if not managed properly, harm people, animals and the environment.

Since Dec. 2022, Ecology inspectors have observed several violations and provided support to encourage voluntary compliance with the state’s dangerous waste regulations. Ecology issued the penalty after documenting repeated violations, including failure to train employees in dangerous waste management, failure to document and track waste at the facility, and failure to transport waste materials to disposal facilities within 10 days.

“Businesses in many parts of Washington and Oregon count on Burlington Environmental to safely handle and dispose of their waste, so it’s essential for a company like this to fully understand and comply with Washington’s dangerous waste regulations,” said Katrina Lassiter, Ecology’s hazardous waste and toxics reduction program manager. “We all rely on those regulations to protect our water quality, environment, and the health of our communities.”

Burlington Environmental-Washougal has 30 days to pay the penalty or appeal it to Washington’s Pollution Control Hearings Board.

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