Volkswagen clean transportation projects

We are investing federal settlement and state penalty funds from Volkswagen to fund clean transportation grants. These grants accelerate access to zero-emission transportation options and spread project benefits across Washington. Since 2019, we have committed more than $100 million to communities statewide to support projects that reduce toxic diesel emissions and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Electric vehicle charging station grants

We have awarded more than $4 million for level 2 charging (adds 10-20 miles of range per hour) and DC fast charging projects (adds 180-240+ miles per hour) at government workplaces and along high traffic roadways. These projects improve public awareness of EV charging and decrease "range anxiety."

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Zero-emission vehicle grants 

We have invested more than $42 million to replace diesel vehicles with zero‑emission vehicles statewide. Project types include zero-emission school buses, transit buses, and light-duty passenger vehicles. These projects eliminate unhealthy air emissions, including nitrogen oxides and greenhouse gases.

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Marine decarbonization grants

While docked, ocean-going vessels often burn dirty fuel that increases harmful air pollution near ports. We have invested $40 million to reduce emissions by electrifying one of the state’s largest ferries and installing shore power at three terminals to supply electricity to docked vessels.

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Cleaner diesel vehicle replacements

We issued one round of VW grants to replace old, dirty diesel vehicles with new, cleaner diesel vehicles to improve air quality in areas where zero-emission technologies did not meet fleet needs in 2019. In alignment with Washington's Beneficiary Mitigation Plan, future funding opportunities will provide grant funds for the transition to a zero-emission transportation system in Washington. The Clean Diesel program has made similar grants in the past. In spite of their name, these grants were funded by the VW Program.

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