Ecology investigates contaminated groundwater at Boeing Auburn site

a map showing public wells locations in parts of southern King County.

Public water supply wells are outside the contaminated groundwater area. Groundwater flow moves the contamination away from these wells.

People in parts of Algona, Auburn and Pacific in southern King County who live near Boeing’s Auburn plant are receiving some new information from Ecology (PDF). It explains a continuing investigation into a plume of contaminated groundwater that originates on Boeing property.

The data collected to date show this contamination doesn't affect public drinking water sources, nor does it appear likely to pose such a threat.

Ecology oversees the investigation, conducted and paid for by Boeing. It will determine the location and extent of this plume of solvent chemicals. The investigation began in 2002. The work moves steadily, a step at a time, as investigators probe into the ground to sample and test the groundwater. Each new set of data indicates where to continue the search.

The contamination extends beyond Boeing’s property line. Based on groundwater samples gathered so far, it reaches about a mile to the north and northwest into parts of Algona and Auburn, and to a lesser extent on the east side, which is in Auburn.

a truck with various equipment and a man in a hard at at the back, working on a tall piece of equipment.

Researchers use a machine like this to sample underground water.

The next area to sample includes part of the residential area in the northeastern part of Algona.

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