Cleaning up: A Avenue Landfill

This cleanup site was a city landfill for decades. In 2006, the city closed it, placed a soil cover on the main part of the landfill, and planted grass, following their landfill closure plan. They also installed a fence to limit access.

Moss-covered broken bike frame and old car tires in leaf litter

Landfill debris is visible outside the capped area on the west side of the landfill (2019).

In 2019, someone proposed building a bike park on the old landfill site, which raised public concerns about the landfill. Ecology staff visited the site and recommended moving it back to the Contaminated Sites List.

We’ve negotiated a legal agreement, called an agreed order, with the City of Anacortes. It requires the city to study the site to find out what kinds of contamination are there and how far they’ve spread. If the study finds contamination at concentrations that must be cleaned up, the city must also prepare a feasibility study and a draft cleanup action plan. We’ve also prepared a public participation plan, which explains how we’ll keep the public informed and ask for input during this process.

We invite your comments

You can review the Agreed Order and public participation plan at our A  Avenue Landfill webpage or at Anacortes City Hall, 904 6th Street, Anacortes.

We’ll accept comments through April 23, 2024. You can comment online or by mail to:

Ryan Gardiner
P.O. Box 330316
Shoreline, WA 98133-9716

Attend a public meeting about the A Avenue landfill

We’ll be holding a public meeting to present info and answer questions about this site. You can attend the meeting in person at the Anacortes City Hall Municipal Building, or join online via Zoom (please register at that link before the meeting).

The presentation will start at 4:00 p.m. Ecology and city staff will be available to answer questions afterwards.