Ecology's Index of interpretive and policy statements and Declaratory and Final Orders.

We maintain an index of declaratory orders, final orders, interpretive statements, and policy statements (see below) as required in RCW 42.56.070.

For other records, state agency records retention schedules provide a master list of the types of records we create and receive, their retention period, and disposition. The Office of the Secretary of State's Washington State Archives lists the state government General Records Retention Schedule and record retention schedules for specific state agencies, including us. Please check back for changes as items on this page are added, updated, or rescinded.

Declaratory and final orders

We don't issue declaratory orders or final orders. See RCW 43.21B.240. Declaratory orders and final orders pertaining to Ecology actions are issued by the Pollution Control Hearings Board, the Shoreline Hearings Board, and the Growth Management Hearings Board. These orders may be found on the Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office website.

To obtain copies of any of the items listed below, please click on the links below to download or to submit a request for records, including the ones listed below, visit our Public Records Requests.