State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

In Washington, we have a powerful law that helps state and local agencies identify potential environmental impacts that might result from proposed projects and decisions. This law is called the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). 

Information gained during environmental reviews under SEPA can be used to change proposed projects and decisions to provide better environmental protection. Reviews can also be used to set up special conditions to help mitigate impacts. In addition, reviews can result in denials of projects and/or decisions that will result in adverse environmental impacts.

The SEPA Register page is a database of statewide SEPA records since 2000.

SEPA document templates is where you can find the Environmental Checklist and other documents helpful to completing the SEPA process.

SEPA guidance includes the updated SEPA handbook, checklist guidance, FAQs and more.

Consult the SEPA agency contact lists for names and e-mails of contacts at state and local agencies who review SEPA documents.
Navigate to major EIS project pages for which Ecology is the SEPA lead agency and also a link to a current list of all of Ecology's SEPA records.