Ecology's Administration of Grants & Loans (EAGL) map

Historically, around 70 percent of the money we manage is passed through to local communities across the state to be used on environmental projects. Some of this is provided directly to local governments and communities through grants and loans to help them make environmental improvements. Pass-through funds directly create jobs, improve economic development, and protect environmental and public health.

Our interactive public map displays information from EAGL (Ecology's Administration of Grants and Loans). The EAGL database is limited to projects funded through grants or loans. Once an agreement is funded and marked ‘active’ in EAGL, it will be displayed on the EAGL map through its lifecycle, and after it is closed. EAGL and the map do not include work funded through interagency agreements, contracts, or grants and loans issued outside of EAGL (most of which were done before 2014).

The map data gets updated every Sunday morning.

Note: Not all spatial data used in this application share common boundaries (for example, county lines intended to align with legislative districts often don't). As a result, some searches can return unintended results. Also, a grant or loan agreement may include multiple projects. In these cases, the map will show the location of the recipient, not each individual project.

To find most of our projects funded through grants and loans, see our EAGL map.