Site Register & contaminated sites lists

On this page you can find our:

  • Site Register — Information about formal and independent cleanups, including opportunities for public comment and attending public meetings, and policy updates.
  • Hazardous Sites List — Updates on sites that have been assessed and ranked, as well as National Priorities List sites.
  • Cleanup and Tank Search — A database with a variety of customizable reports about cleanup and underground storage tank sites.

Site Register

The Site Register is a newsletter we publish about every two weeks. It contains information about cleanup activities, public meetings, public comment periods, and policy and rule changes.

We aim to provide timely information about contaminated site cleanups and opportunities for you to participate in that process. We use the Site Register as one way to meet this goal. For more information contact Sarah Kellington (360-280-3167, or read the Site Register Focus Sheet.

Find data with Cleanup and Tank Search

Cleanup and Tank Search is intended to help you quickly retrieve site information, reports, and data. You can search for a specific site or find all the sites that meet certain criteria, like all the sites in a county or with a particular contaminant. You can also share your results and export them to excel, csv, json, and xml formats. 

Cleanup site information

All cleanup sites in Washington state provides information on current and former cleanup sites. Click the a site name to visit the cleanup site webpage, or download the Site Details Report or available site documents directly from the search results page. You can filter by county, contaminant, site status, and whether or not the site is in the Voluntary Cleanup Program or has institutional controls, and export your results.

There are also pre-filtered subsets of the statewide list available:

For more information on environmental covenants, brownfields, and leaking underground storage tanks, use these specialized lists:

  • Brownfields Sites
    Brownfields are properties that are abandoned or underused because they may be contaminated. This list shows sites that have received public brownfields funding, and the amount of funding received.
  • Environmental Covenants Registry
    Some sites have 'institutional controls' that restrict use of the property to protect people from exposure to contamination or maintain the integrity of the cleanup. For example, a covenant might prohibit drilling a well or using the property for homes. You can filter this list by type of restriction and legal mechanism.
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tanks List
    Information on underground storage tank (UST) facilities that have required cleanup.

Underground storage tank information

The Regulated USTs list provides information about active and closed Underground Storage Tanks. You can search by ID, tag number, or site name, and filter by tank status, stored substance, or county. Each result includes a link to the UST System Summary Report.

Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) wait lists

The Voluntary Cleanup Program proivdes technical assistance to people cleaning up sites independently. In some regions there are waitlists due to Ecology staff capacity.

  • VCP Wait List (Existing)
    This waitlist is for sites that have already been working with VCP and are waiting for a new cleanup project manager.
  • VCP Wait List (New)
    This waitlist is for new applicants to the VCP who have not yet been assigned a cleanup project manager.