Underground injection control well registration requirements & information

We regulate Underground Injection Control (UIC) — or injection wells — in Washington through our UIC program. All owners must register their wells before use.


Single-home family home units

You do not need to register the type of injection well you would use at home to collect residential roof-runoff or prevent a basement from flooding. Registration is not required for most injection wells meant to serve a single-family home or duplex.

Injection wells on tribal land

Injection wells on tribal lands within Washington are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10.

If you do not meet one of the exemptions above your injection well must be registered with us. There is no fee to register injection wells.

Authorized wells do not need a permit

The majority of the injection wells in Washington are rule-authorized — which means the injection well does not need a permit.

To be rule-authorized, a UIC well must meet two requirements:

Review or update the status of your well

You can view the approval status of your well online by reviewing your application.

The injection well owner (or designee) is responsible for keeping us informed of the status of the well, including whether the well is closing, changing ownership, or changing its use.

If information about your registration needs to be changed, please contact the UIC program coordinator.