Certification for incinerator & landfill operators

We certify operators and inspectors for solid waste incinerators and landfill facilities.

How to get certified as an incinerator operator or inspector

Chapter 70A.216 RCW, Solid Waste Incinerator and Landfill Operators, requires that landfill and incinerator operators and inspectors be certified through Ecology.

For information on certification requirements and procedures, see the Regulatory Handbook at the Office of Regulatory Innovation and Assistance:

Who needs to be certified?

Landfill and incinerator operators

Owner or operator certification is required for to operate the following facilities in Washington:

  • Solid waste incinerators (excluding hog fuel burners and crematoria facilities)
  • Municipal waste landfills
  • Special incinerator ash landfills or monofills
  • Inert waste and demolition waste landfills
  • All limited purpose solid waste landfills such as wood waste landfills

Landfill and incinerator inspector

Inspector certification is required for public employees who inspect and determine compliance of solid waste landfill or incinerator operations. These public employees must successfully complete the same training and examination process as landfill and incinerator operators. Inspectors must also receive training relevant to inspection procedures.

Operator and inspector certifications are valid for three years.