2022 session legislation

House Bill 1799: Organic materials management

We are working with local governments and other partners to implement the 2022 organic management law. The laws affected by passing HB 1799 in 2022 focus on preventing methane emissions from landfills by reducing and diverting organic material and food waste from landfill disposal. You can learn more on our 2022 Organics Management Law page.

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Alli Kingfisher

Local government solid waste funding study

Section 104 of House Bill 1799 requires us to contract a third-party consultant to study the adequacy of funding for local government solid waste management. The study will assess a variety of local government funding issues, including in relation to policy proposals introduced or passed since 2019. When scoping the study and reviewing the findings and recommendations, the law instructs us to work with the Washington Association of County Solid Waste Managers, the Association of Washington Cities, Washington Refuse and Recycling Association, and other stakeholders. The study will be available online in fall  2023, and a legislative report will be completed by December of 2023.  

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Janine Bogar

Senate Bill 5693 budget proviso: Consumer packaging and paper products study, section 302(59)

We contracted for a study on consumer packaging and paper products sold or supplied in Washington. The study provided an assessment and estimated the amount and types of consumer packaging and paper products sold or supplied in and into the state, and estimated the recycling rates for these materials through existing recycling programs and activities.
The study also provided recommendations on legislative actions to address items included in the list of problematic and unnecessary materials identified for elimination by the United States Plastic Pact. The contractor developed these recommendations with consideration for the plastic packaging waste recommendations submitted to the Washington Legislature in 2020 (Ecology publication 20-07-028).
The Consumer Packaging and Paper Products Study can be found at:

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