Pump Out, Don't Dump Out

Keeping waterways clean starts with you. Boaters play an important role in protecting Puget Sound. 

A graphic of a man holding a nozzle with the words: pump out don't dump out

Puget Sound is a No Discharge Zone, where sewage from vessels cannot go into the water.

Three ways to not discharge:

  • Use a pumpout to empty your vessel sewage tank.
  • Use dump stations to empty your portable toilet.
  • Use an onshore restroom.

Download the free Pumpout Nav App

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Tap the green push-pin in the app to get more info on: 

  • The closest pumpout, dump station, or restroom to any location. Including cost (most pumpouts are free!) and contact information. 
  • The No Discharge Zone boundary.
  • Washington boating laws and regulations.
  • How to report a problem with the pumpout such as a leak or low vaccum pressure. 

Meet Sam the Clam 

Check out this video and learn why it is important to pump out and not dump out

Given the number of recreational boats on Puget Sound, even a small amount of sewage from a fraction of boats can be harmful. Raw or partially-treated boat sewage is highly concentrated and contains pathogens that can contaminate shellfish beds and pose a risk to public health and the environment. 

Get involved

Become a Pump Out, Don’t Dump Out campaign partner and help spread the message.

Help spread the word! 

Be an example for others. Show how you are doing your part to keep Puget Sound clean with a picture of actions you are taking. 

  • Snap a photo of yourself pumping out and post it to social media by tagging @EcologyWA with the hashtags #PumpoutWA and #PugetSoundNoDischargeZone.
  • Don't use social media? No problem, email your pictures to  justine.asohmbom@ecy.wa.gov
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Educational resources 

Does your boating facility need resources like No Discharge Zone signssocial media posts, or outreach ideas? We are happy to help!

We invite you to use our free resources to customize the campaign for your boating community. Help spread the message.

Report illegal discharges

Sewage, oil, or other discharges into the water should be reported to Ecology as soon as possible. We are available 24/7.

If you’re boating around Island, King, Kitsap, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, or Whatcom Counties, call our Northwest Regional Office at 206-594-0000 or email nwroerts@ecy.wa.gov.

If you’re boating around Clallam, Jefferson, Mason, Pierce, or Thurston Counties, call our Southwest Regional office at 360-407-6300 or email swroerts@ecy.wa.gov.