Forestry runoff

Forestry practices create sediment runoff and warmer water temperatures. We work with other agencies to enforce rules that prevent this type of runoff.

Water protection

We help ensure that the Forest Practices Rules are effective in protecting water quality and meet federal and state water quality standards. These rules and other programs, such as the Washington Watershed Restoration Initiative, help protect streams, wetlands, and other bodies of water in or near forest areas and in-stream fish habitat.

We provide:

  • Field inspectors to help the Department of Natural Resources ensure rules are followed.
  • Forest practices effectiveness monitoring and policy analysts who participate in the Forest Practices’ adaptive management program.

The Forest Practices Rules provide standards to:

  • Preserve trees in streamside areas to keep the water cool.
  • Improve in-stream fish habitat by providing woody debris and controlling pesticide use near water bodies.
  • Encourage proper construction and care of forest roads to prevent silt from entering water.