Project planning & approval

These resources will aid in planning a dam project and gaining necessary approvals.

  • DSO Guidelines Part I — This document contains general information about statutory authority, dam safety activities, and dam owner responsibilities for completed projects.
  • DSO Guidelines Part II: Project planning and approval of dam construction or modification — This document provides information on the specific activities and actions that are involved in project planning and in the plan review and construction permit process. An overview of the planning process is provided along with a list of permits and approvals that are normally involved. Submittal requirements and obligations of dam owners during project construction, operation, maintenance, and inspection are identified.
  • Table of Contents for engineering reports— For engineers with limited experience submitting engineering reports to us, we provide a suggested table of contents to share a framework for compiling the information requested in the guidelines (part II). A condensed table of contents is provided, along with an annotated version to provide more details about each section of the report.
  • Guidance for Construction Inspection Plans — The construction inspection plan is a required submittal for the dam construction permit and approval of the plans and specifications for construction or modification of a dam. Guidance is offered for major sections of the inspection plan and target lengths for the various sections, a matrix of construction activities and inspections and quality assurance testing, and critical stages of construction that we are particularly interested in observing. An example construction inspection plan is included.
  • Application form
  • Fees