City of Bellingham Umbrella Mitigation Bank

The proposed Umbrella mitigation bank is located in Whatcom County, near the City of Bellingham. The bank includes four separate sites totaling 607.6 acres. The Interagency Review Team is beginning the review process for this bank.

Project sponsor contact

Analiese Burns
City of Bellingham 
Habitat and Restoration Program Manager
104 W. Magnolia Street
Bellingham, WA  98225


  • Joint public notice: May 7, 2020, with prospectus

Site location and details

  • Water Resources Inventory Area 1, Whatcom County
  • See the site vicinity maps to view the four sites currently proposed, or find further specific site details below.
    • Bear Creek 

      • Location: east of Interstate 5, along Northwest Drive 
      • Size: 95.6 acres
      • Site actions: preserve headwater wetlands and enhance wetland and uplands to improve habitat structure and function.
    • McCormick Creek

      • Location: north of State Route 542, south of the intersection of East Smith Road and Wahl Road 
      • Size: 158.7 acres
      • Site actions: preserve and enhance headwater wetlands, riparian areas, and associated uplands.
    • Valley of the Forks

      • Location: north of SR 542, northwest of the intersection of Van Wyck and Noon roads 
      • Size: 81.9 acres
      • Site actions: establish, rehabilitate, and enhance wetlands and riparian areas, enhance and preserve associated uplands, and remove on-site fish barrier.
    • Squalicum Lake

      • Location: south of the intersection of SR 542 and Mission Road 
      • Size: 271.4 acres
      • Site actions: preserve headwater wetlands and associated upland forest, rehabilitate farmed wetlands and riparian areas, and remove on-site fish barrier.