Kitsap Umbrella Mitigation Bank

The proposed umbrella bank is in Kitsap County. The bank includes nine separate sites totaling 462 acres. The Interagency Review Team is beginning the review process on this bank.

Project sponsor

Waterman Mitigation Partners
Steve Sego, Principal
PO Box 376
Burley, WA 98322

Project status 

  • Joint Corps and Ecology public notice: July 20, 2023, with Prospectus.

Site location and details

  • Water Resource Inventory Area 15, Kitsap County.

  • See the site vicinity maps to view the location of the nine sites currently proposed. For more information, refer to the summary in the Joint Public notice or the detailed descriptions in the Prospectus.

  • The conceptual goals of the bank are to restore ecological functions throughout the subwatersheds in the Kitsap area, with an emphasis on freshwater wetland systems, as well as supporting nearshore marine habitat and Endangered Species Act-listed species.