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Executive key contacts

Below you'll find contact information for our executive team and administrative personnel.

Ecology executive team


Maia Bellon, maia.bellon@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-7009 (Twitter)

Deputy Director

Polly Zehm, polly.zehm@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-7014

Director of Administrative Services, acting

Jason Norberg, jason.norberg@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-7007

Senior Advisor

Tribal & Environmental Affairs - Tom Laurie, tom.laurie@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-7017

Director of Office of Columbia River

Tom Tebb, thomas.tebb@ecy.wa.gov, 509-574-4239

Director of Governmental Relations

Denise Clifford, denise.clifford@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-7010

Director of Communication

Sandi Peck, sandi.peck@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-7006

Director of Human Resources

Sandi Stewart, sandi.stewart@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-6188

Chief Financial Officer

Erik Fairchild, erik.fairchild@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-6985 (budget info)

Chief Information Officer

Cristie Fredrickson, cristie.fredrickson@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-7098

Ecology administrative contacts

Human Resources

Receptionist — Janice Campbell, janice.campbell@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-6186

Laws and Rules

Information — Martha Hankins, martha.hankins@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-6986

Not sure who to contact?

Contact our main receptionist — 360-407-6000