Ecology's budget

Every even-numbered year, we submit a request to the Governor for our capital and operating budgets. These requests support our two-year strategic plan, and each individual budget request is tied to our strategic priorities and statewide performance goals. This ensures our resources support carefully planned and vetted activities and items. In odd-numbered years, we submit supplemental budget requests to address changing needs.

Before a budget is finalized and approved, it goes through several drafts and versions. Below are links to publications and documents relating to our budget for the current and previous budget cycles.

About Ecology's budget

Our work is incredibly complex and diverse, and that is reflected in our budget. We use 60 separate accounts and are the administrator of 54 of those accounts.

2019-21 Biennial budget

Our budget for the 2019-21 Biennium makes significant investments in critical environmental work. The operating budget includes new investments in clean energy, preventing and reducing toxic threats, and protecting and restoring Puget Sound, including over $6.5 million in new direct funding to support orca recovery.

Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill (ESSB) 5993 — MTCA (Model Toxics Control Act) Reform, is expected to provide an additional $172 million in dedicated environmental funding in the 2019-21 Biennium (this includes $50 million to the Washington State Department of Transportation for transportation-related stormwater projects). This will fund programs and projects related to clean air, clean water, and toxic cleanup and prevention, with specific focus on stormwater pollution.

Operating budget

Includes significant new investments that:
  • Support Orca recovery.
  • Combat climate change and increase clean energy investments and innovation.
  • Reduce litter and work to stabilize the recycling system in Washington.
  • Improve and protect water quality.
  • Focus efforts to reduce toxic threats before they become a public health or environmental problem.
  • Deliver water for fish, farms, and people.
  • Address toxic air and public health issues.
  • Update and improve information technology and financial systems.
Total appropriation = $590.38 million
FTEs = 1,735.6

Capital budget

Our capital budget invests dollars throughout Washington. This budget is supported by dedicated environmental funds, federal dollars, and state bonds for projects that:
  • Improve water quality.
  • Clean up and prevent toxic sites.
  • Deliver integrated water solutions and improve stream flow.
  • Address flood hazards and restore riparian habitat.
  • Protect and restore Puget Sound.
  • Address air toxics and public health issues.
  • Improve solid waste management and recycling.
  • Protect, restore, or expand Ecology-owned facilities.
  • Support orca recovery.
Total capital budget authority = $1.71 billion

For a breakdown of the new operating and capital budgets, go to the 2019-2021 budget page.

Budget and program overview

After each two-year budget is passed, we prepare a comprehensive overview of that budget that includes where the money comes from, how it will be used, and the goals we have for our work in that biennium. We will begin preparing the 2019-21 version later this year. For 2017-19 biennial budget information, get the 2017-19 budget and program overview publication.