National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program

The National Coastal Wetlands Conservation (NCWC) Grant Program is a competitive grant matching program administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to acquire, restore, and enhance wetlands of U.S. coastal states and trust territories.

Although only state agencies are eligible applicants, we are encouraged by USFWS to partner with Tribes, cities, counties, land trusts, and other state and federal agencies. Partner organizations are considered subrecipients for any successfully awarded projects.

Funding cycle

  • Amount of funding available: There is typically $17-20 million available for each annual funding cycle.
  • Funding allocated:
  • Grant award limit: Awards typically range from $500,000 (there is a minimum of $50,000) to a maximum of $1 million.
  • Amount of matching funds required: A minimum 25 percent match is required, however, additional points are awarded for match above the minimum amount. Match is to be provided by subrecipient. Ecology does not provide matching funds.

Applications are currently being accepted.

Start date:
End date:

Application Schedule for current NCWC grant cycle (Fiscal Year 2023):

Date Program Milestone

Feb-March 14, 2022

Contact Ecology with pre-proposals. Ecology and USFWS work with potential subrecipients to assess project concepts.

March 28-Apr 1, 2022

Pre-proposal site visits by Ecology and USFWS. After site visits, you may be invited to submit a full application. At this time, we are planning on in-person visits, but virtual visits may be an option.

May 2, 2022

Draft applications due to Ecology. 

Mid-May 2022

USFWS and Ecology review drafts and provide feedback on draft applications.

June 10, 2022

Subrecipients submit final applications - due to Ecology at 5 p.m.

June 24, 2022

Ecology submits approved applications to USFWS.

October 2022

USFWS National Ranking Meeting.

Early 2023

USFWS announces awards, Ecology issues subawards.


Funding is available for the following entities:

Only state agencies are eligible to apply for NCWC grants, however, we have a strong interest in supporting projects from partner organizations that will conserve coastal wetlands.

We may work in partnership with other local or Tribal governments, state and federal agencies, and non-profit organizations. Partner organizations are considered subrecipients for any successfully awarded projects and funding would be made available to partners through subaward agreements with Ecology.

  • Acquisition of a real property interest in coastal lands or waters from willing sellers or partners (coastal wetlands ecosystems), providing that the terms and conditions will ensure the real property will be administered for long-term conservation.
  • The restoration, enhancement, or management of coastal wetlands ecosystems, providing restoration, enhancement, or management will be administered for long-term conservation.

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