Grant & loan guidance and forms

Not all guidance and forms are available inside the EAGL (Ecology's Administration of Grants and Loans) system. Whether you are managing your grant or loan in EAGL or not, you might need guidance and forms that are not in the system. This page provides links and references to that information.

The guidance below will give you an idea of requirements once you become a recipient and are managing a grant or loan agreement with Ecology. You can also find a specific grant and loan funding program and get more information about those.

Guidance for all applicants and recipients

Administrative Requirements for Grants and Loans (the Yellow Book)

This publication establishes the administrative requirements for recipients of all grants and loans administered by Ecology. Topics include financial management, expenditure and income reporting, contracting, and record retention. There are currently three versions of this document — the one that applies to you and your agreement depends on the agreement effective date or the date of an amended agreement.
Administrative Requirements / Yellow Book (August 2017)

This version of the Yellow Book applies to all grant and loan agreements in EAGL, with an agreement signature date OR amended agreement signature date of August 11, 2017 or later.

Administrative Requirements / Yellow Book (March 2014) Administrative Requirements / Yellow Book (September 2005)

Environmental review and cultural resource requirements

Environmental review is the process of reviewing a project and its potential environmental impacts. The review determines whether the project meets federal, state, and local environmental standards.

Cultural resources review may be required through the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), under Section 106 of the Federal National Historic Preservation Act (for federally funded agreements), or Washington State Executive Order 05-05 Archaeological and Cultural Resources.

Each grant and loan program has its own high-level information page available from the Find a grant or loan page. Those individual pages have links to specific guidance related to environmental and cultural resource requirements.

For projects collecting environmental data

Payment requests

All recipients of an Ecology grant or loan must register to receive payment from the state of Washington.

  • If you already have a Statewide Vendor Number (starts with SWV), you are registered, and you don't need to use this link.

List and links to forms for managing your grant or loan

Most forms are available inside EAGL, and if you're managing your grant or loan there, use the forms in the system. This list includes forms for submitting payment requests and progress reports