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Stretch it out: The squat lobster finds strength in flexibility
It’s almost January, which for many, means healthy New Year’s resolutions. This month’s critter varies its routine to stay in shape year-round, in order to adapt to life in a changing ocean.
Ecology soliciting applications for local flood hazard planning grants
The Washington Legislature established the state Flood Control Assistance Account Program (FCAAP) to help local and Tribal governments plan for and reduce their flood risks.
If the spirit moves (mud): The burrowing ghost shrimp
Fall’s chill is in the air and decorations are going up all over town. Meanwhile, under the mud of Puget Sound, there’s a critter that stays in its costume all year long – the burrowing ghost shrimp.
Ecology and partners to host workshop on responding to battery fires
Lithium Battery Seminar at the Spokane Fire Department’s training center.
Happy New Water Year
October is a month for fall foliage, warm beverages, creepy tales — and a new water year.
Meow we’re talking…about the catworms
June is National Adopt-a-Cat Month. But what about the benthic version of our purrrfect pals? Let me tell you a tail of the catworms...
New report details pollutant sources for Hangman (Latah) Creek Watershed
To further understand water quality issues in the Hangman Creek Watershed, we performed a pollutant source assessment in 2018. The results of the study are now available.
Empowering the next generation of change makers
On Earth Day, Hilltop Heritage Middle School students showcased posters featuring the various lifecycle stages for different consumer products, like toothbrushes and toilet paper.
Babies of the Benthos – Crab edition
Many invertebrates allow their young to fend for themselves in the water column, and our beloved Puget Sound crabs are no exception...but they are anything but claws-off when it comes to parenting.
Science signals summer swim safety
See the new 2021 year-in-review report on water quality at local beaches.

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