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Stories about Getting to Clean Water: Stormwater Sleuths Solve the Mystery of the Putrid Pipe - Pullman’s hunt for the elusive, illicit discharge
The illicit stormwater discharge often lurks out of sight under a city's buildings and streets. The challenge for cities is to locate and eliminate this pollution source.
Stories about Getting to Clean Water: A Pullman Partnership: Not Wishy-Washy about Preventing Stormwater Pollution
Pullman sought a solution that would allow car washes to continue without dirty water entering nearby streams.
Give your input on Washington’s first statewide water quality permit for wineries

We are proposing a new statewide water quality permit for wineries.

WCC's Grays Harbor experience

After severe flooding in January, Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) member Ian and his crew deployed to help the people of Hoquiam recover. Read about his experience first-hand.

A breath of fresh air

Ralph Pruitt, the superintendent of the tiny Skamania School District, is pleased with his new bus.

$500,000 to help beat back the recycling crisis
Ecology’s Recycling Development Center has awarded $504,073 to 10 local governments and one university to help develop and grow markets for recycled materials.
Tackling Toxics: Aerospace Company transitions to safer vapor degreasing
The Pollution Prevention Resource Center collaborated with Ecology to help Valence Surface Technologies (also known as MAPSCO) to stop using a toxic chemical in their vapor degreasing operation.
New standard paves way for more clean vehicles
New rules taking effect in 2024 will make more electric vehicles available to Washington buyers.
Clean water projects get a boost from the other Washington
Ecology is proposing to award $365 million in grants and loans for 117 high-priority clean water projects across the state.
30 ways to reduce food waste in Washington
The Use Food Well Washington Plan holds 30 recommendations to reduce food waste and create a more resilient food system.