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Cleaning up: TECT Aerospace cleanup in Everett is getting started
We’re in the early stages of cleaning up the TECT Aerospace site in Everett, and we’d like your feedback on the initial documents that will guide the cleanup and how the public will be involved.
Cleaning up: Tackling dioxins and PAHs in Budd Inlet
Ecology and the Port of Olympia are amending a legal agreement that requires the port to clean up contamination in sediment — the mud, sand, and silt under the waters of Budd Inlet.
Behind the scenes at the Nuclear Waste Program
We are spotlighting the team that oversees cleanup of the most contaminated nuclear site in the country.
Newest round of clean-water funding focuses on small communities
Our latest round of funding for clean water projects will provide more than $300 million to communities.
As new service year begins, WCC teams deploy to Florida to help after Hurricane Ian
In October 2022, AmeriCorps requested WCC to lead the entity’s Disaster Response Team to respond to Hurricane Ian which devastated parts of Florida in late September.
Ecology grant brings big changes to Little Naches River
An Ecology Streamflow Restoration Grant is helping restore habitat and recreational opportunities to the Little Naches River.
Columbia Gorge smelter cleanup, redevelopment considered
Cleanup plans taking shape at former Columbia Gorge Aluminum smelter near Goldendale.
See a bloom, give it room
Use caution this spring, summer, and fall as seasonal algae blooms in your local lake could be toxic to you and your pets.
Boots on the ground: Environmental service in partnership with Washington Tribes
Join us on a tour of some projects our Washington Conservation Corps has completed in partnership with Washington Tribes through the years.
Grant applications being accepted for flood-hazard planning
We're providing $1.5 million in funding to help communities develop plans to prepare for and reduce flood risks.