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It's wildfire season — know how to protect your health and the environment
This summer, be prepared if smoke from wildfires affects your community.
Eyes Under Puget Sound: Critter of the Month — The "Unicorn" Shrimp
Nebalia pugettensis is a tiny crustacean that lives on the sea floor, with a horn-like rostrum and leg-like appendages that function as lungs.
Curtailments come to the Chehalis River basin

We have notified 93 junior water right holders in the Chehalis River basin that their access to surface water for irrigation is curtailed.

Puget Sound Nutrient Watch: Algal Blooms

Excess nutrients can cause an explosion of algae growth called algal blooms, we discuss more about these blooms. 

2019 funding awarded to support clean water in Washington’s communities

Ecology is offering more than $155 million in financial assistance for 69 high-priority clean water projects across Washington state.

Reflections on first Puget Sound Nutrient Forum

On April 25, key decision makers, scientists, and practitioners met at the first Puget Sound Nutrient Forum to form an advisory workgroup.

Clean Air Month - Part 3

Learn how clean energy, alternative transportation, and electric vehicles protect the air.

Ecology secures $5 million in federal grants to help partners conserve five coastal wetlands

May is American Wetlands Month and we are pleased to announce grant awards that help protect, restore, and preserve coastal wetlands in Clallam, Island, Kitsap, and Skagit counties.

Clean Air Month - Part 2

Follow these simple tips to help keep the air clean and healthy.

Clean Air Month - Part 1

Learn how we have helped improve air quality with the Washington Clean Air Act.

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