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New standard paves way for more clean vehicles
New rules taking effect in 2024 will make more electric vehicles available to Washington buyers.
Snowpack & Washington water supplies
Washington makes investments in water programs to address changes in snowpack and the impacts of climate change on water availability.
Understanding Washington’s climate policies
Short webinars will give the public an overview of Washington's climate policies.
Grant applications being accepted for flood-hazard planning
We're providing $1.5 million in funding to help communities develop plans to prepare for and reduce flood risks.
Be #SmokeReady2021 this wildfire season
It's #SmokeReady2021 week. Here's how to prepare for wildfire season.
Sea #SmokeReady2021 esta temporada de incendios forestales
Sea #SmokeReady2021 esta temporada de incendios forestales
Office of Chehalis Basin publication helps basin residents prepare for flooding
Our Office of Chehalis Basin has published a handbook to help basin households prepare for flooding.
Restore Our Earth
Earth Day is just a few days away. Read about what we’ve got in store and learn about ways you can “Restore Our Earth”.
A framework for greenhouse gas assessment
We released a framework for a new rule that would guide greenhouse gas environmental assessments in Washington.
Behind the decision
Ecology Director Laura Watson explains the analysis leading to the decision to deny a permit for a methanol plant in Kalama.

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