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Camano Island community takes the lead on septic solutions

The Maple Grove Community on Camano Island worked with Ecology and Craft3 to create a solution for their septic issues by the community, for the community. 

Stormwater research collaboration leads to cleaner water for all

Ecology has municipal stormwater permits for the state’s populated cities & counties. The permits are aimed at reducing stormwater pollution, so that cleaner stormwater is entering local waterways.

Everett wastewater treatment plant’s water quality permit up for review

We’re inviting the public to comment on the draft water quality permit for the Everett wastewater treatment plant.

Native plants take root along Hangman Creek

Hangman Creek sees largest riparian restoration effort in Spokane County’s history.

Permit updates focus on cleaner stormwater for growing communities

Review Ecology's proposed changes to the municipal stormwater permits for the state's most populated cities and counties.

Lower Duwamish Waterway reaches cleanup milestone

We’ve made solid progress on controlling sources of pollution in one reach of the Lower Duwamish Waterway. Ecology is recommending EPA proceed with cleanup at all but one sediment area.

New report explores nutrient trading in Puget Sound

Join our virtual Puget Sound Nutrient Forum on July 25 for a presentation on nutrient trading in Puget Sound. 

Investing in cleaner water by the millions (of dollars)
We fund hundreds of water quality projects each year — look back at recent projects to learn more about what is possible with clean water grants and loans.
“Watershed” moment: successes in wetland restoration and regenerative farming in Douglas County
With grant funds from Ecology, the Foster Creek Conservation District is working on a new round of projects to restore the watershed, monitor water quality, and improve soil health near Foster Creek.
Join our June 21 webinar about toxic tire dust
Join our June 21 6PPD webinar. Learn more about 6PPD by watching our video presentations in advance.