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Women in Science promotes the accomplishments and contributions of female scientists at Ecology.
Women in Science promotes the accomplishments and contributions of female scientists at Ecology.

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Celebrating Women and Girls in Science Day
Women and Girls in Science Day provides an opportunity to spotlight the importance of women in STEM. We're sharing insights from a few women at Ecology working in environmental science.
Tackling Toxics: A lasting tribute to a pollution prevention champion
Facilities are often interested in eliminating toxics — but employee buy-in is a critical requirement. That’s where Dr. Wolf and her team at PPRC come in.
"Everyday chemicals” found at the bottom of Puget Sound
Our Marine Sediment Monitoring Team spent almost a decade sampling the muck under Puget Sound to measure chemical contaminants. Here's what they found.
Washington's Wetlands Warrior: one of Ecology's own receives national acclaim
For American Wetlands Month, we are honoring Ecology wetlands manager, Lauren Driscoll, who earned a national award for her body of work.
Anderson Lake study suggests toxic blooms are a recent development
Core sampling study shows history of Anderson Lake’s toxic algae
Invasive Species
Despite its beautiful appearance, flowering rush is an invasive weed that threatens waterways throughout the state
Better living through Green Chemistry
After nearly a century of manufacturing dangerous toxic chemicals, a new perspective in the field has emerged called "Green Chemistry."
Ecology wins national Pollution Prevention awards
Each year, we celebrate Pollution Prevention Week, a time to recognize staff, local partners, businesses, and Washington residents for taking actions to reduce or eliminate sources of pollution.
Ready for summer!
Halfway through this year of pandemic and upheaval, summer brings much to do — and appreciate.
Women in Science: Jenifer Parsons
Jenifer Parsons is at the forefront of Washington’s fight against invasive plants. For the past 26 years, she has monitored aquatic plant populations throughout the state.

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