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Time to get Smoke Ready 

Despite the thunder and lightning earlier this week, we thankfully haven’t seen much smoke in Washington skies yet this year.

Wood stove roundup: helping to clear wintertime smoke

Okanogan County residents took advantage of a cashback incentive to recycle old, wood stoves.

Central and Eastern Washington: Prepare for dust storm season

Every spring through fall, residents in Central and Eastern Washington are faced with the threat of dust storms.

Monitoring air quality in Washington

Using continuous monitoring data, we can let you know when air pollution reaches unhealthy levels.

Walking our talk on greenhouse gas emissions

Under state law, all Washington state agencies must reduce their emissions to 15 percent below 2005 levels by 2020.

A breath of fresh air

Ralph Pruitt, the superintendent of the tiny Skamania School District, is pleased with his new bus.

San Juan air quality gets first checkup

How clean is the air in the San Juan Islands? A new temporary monitor will help tell the story.

There's smoke but don't blame the (California) fires

The news has been filled with stories about the devastating wildfires in California.

Reining in dust in the Horse Heaven Hills

It’s no secret that Eastern Washington can get windy. And that’s not a problem… until that wind picks up loose soil and sends it aloft.

Getting the most out of your firewood

Take a moment to learn about temperature inversions, air quality burn bans, and how to get the most out of your fire while protecting your health.

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