We provide local governments with planning and regulation resources to reduce their flood risks.
We provide local governments with planning and regulation resources to reduce their flood risks.

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Reflecting on World Water Day and protecting Washington’s freshwater resources

Celebrating World Water Day and reflecting on Ecology's role in protecting state freshwater resources

Ecology funds all FCAAP 2023-2025 Competitive Planning Grant Projects

Ecology has funded all five applications for 2023-2025 Competitive Planning Grant projects under the Flood Control Assistance Account Program (FCAAP).

“Watershed” moment: successes in wetland restoration and regenerative farming in Douglas County
With grant funds from Ecology, the Foster Creek Conservation District is working on a new round of projects to restore the watershed, monitor water quality, and improve soil health near Foster Creek.
Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority launches flood warning data dashboard
To help communities better prepare, the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority launched its Flood Warning System Gage Alert data dashboard.
Ecology gets six federal grants to protect 855 acres of coastal wetlands
We've secured close to $6 million in National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grants to protect about 855 acres of coastal wetland habitat.
It’s World Wetlands Day!
Feb. 2 is World Wetlands Day, and we are celebrating the work our agency has done to support the conservation and restoration of Washington state’s wetlands.
Pilot projects designed to curb bank erosion showing success in Chehalis River Basin
The Office of Chehalis Basin has invested in projects that have dual flood reduction and ecosystem benefits. We recently completed two riverbank erosion management pilot projects.
Ecology soliciting applications for local flood hazard planning grants
The Washington Legislature established the state Flood Control Assistance Account Program (FCAAP) to help local and Tribal governments plan for and reduce their flood risks.
Stream team volunteers making a difference in the Chehalis River Basin
Our Lewis County Stream Team partners are engaged in volunteer projects that help restore aquatic habitat and reduce damage from floods in the Chehalis River Basin.
Reducing flood risks in our communities
Modern flood management strives to restore a floodplain’s natural flood capacity, protecting lives and homes while also benefiting fish and wildlife. Several state and federal grant programs can help.

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