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Preventing a Dust Bowl in Washington
Dust storms are a threat in Eastern Washington. Learn what we're doing to protect soils and human health.
Bi-state partnership boosts understanding of Walla Walla River basin
Ecology is working with Oregon Water Resources and USGS on a comprehensive study of groundwater in the Walla Walla River Basin. This solid science will help inform future policy in the region.
What a difference a year makes
“All in all, water conditions are looking pretty good around the state,” said Jeff Marti, Ecology’s water resources planner
Counting every drop in the Yakima Basin
A main goal of the water conservation element of the Yakima Integrated Plan is to modernize agricultural water systems to reduce waste from leaks, seepage, and inefficient delivery methods.
It's Wildfire Season:
Wildfire season is almost here. Learn how to get #SmokeReady2020 and protect yourself and your family from the health effects of wildfire smoke.
Get prepared now for dust storms
Central and Eastern Washington should take these steps to prepare for dust storms every spring through fall.
Wait, how can there be a drought when it’s raining?
Residents of Spokane and the southeast experienced a relatively damp spring, while much of Western and Central Washington have seen warmer than normal temperatures and low precipitation since April.
Watching the water

The water supply forecast continues to deteriorate across the state on both sides of the Cascade Range, and drought is being felt particularly on the Olympic Peninsula.

Olympic Peninsula classified as being in severe drought by federal drought monitor

In response to current conditions, some communities and water systems on the peninsula have already begun anticipating low water supply.

Water curtailments for the Chehalis River basin

This is the fifth consecutive year we've issued curtailment orders or notices for junior surface water irrigation uses in the Chehalis basin to comply with regulatory requirements. 

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