Research & Data

Ecology provides the high-quality science that is the foundation of Washington state environmental policy. Our monitoring, assessment, and modeling services provide a data-rich understanding of our state’s land, air, and water. We provide access to that data through reports, databases, maps and user-friendly online tools.
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Effectiveness monitoring for water quality
Our scientists study the effectiveness of projects to protect and improve water quality.
Lake water quality monitoring & protection
Working with partners, we compile data on algae, invasive plants, and some toxic chemicals in lakes.
River and stream monitoring
Our freshwater data helps us to assure clean and abundant water to support human and aquatic life.
Groundwater quality assessment
Our hydrogeologists monitor and assess groundwater quality and quantity in Washington.
Wastewater testing
Whole effluent toxicity testing ensures wastewater does not harm aquatic life.
Marine water & sediment monitoring
We conduct water and sediment long-term monitoring to identify ecosystem changes.
Coastal zone mapping & erosion monitoring
We survey Washington's coastlines to monitor coastal erosion and track sediment movement over time.
Monitoring for toxic chemicals
We conduct long-term monitoring to understand levels and trends of toxics in the environment.
Testing for chemicals in consumer products
We test consumer products to make sure manufacturers comply with chemical restrictions.
Models & spreadsheets
Computer models predict changes and spreadsheets calculate. We offer these tools to the public.
Air quality studies
Information about air quality studies we conduct.
Columbia River reports & documents
Our Office of Columbia River scientific reports and documents support water supply projects for Eastern Washington
EIM — environmental monitoring data
EIM contains environmental monitoring data collected by our scientists and partners.
Toxics Release Inventory
The Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) identifies chemicals used at businesses or facilities.
Solid waste & recycling data
View data on solid waste collection and recycling in Washington.
Whatcom County annual BEACH report
We sampled four beaches in Whatcom County for bacteria in the summer of 2018.
Thurston County annual BEACH report
We sampled two beaches in Thurston County for bacteria in the summer of 2018.
Freshwater fish contaminant monitoring
We analyze freshwater fish for various toxic chemicals.
Monitoring watersheds for salmonids
Does salmon habitat restoration work? Our Intensively Monitored Watersheds program aims to find out.
EIM submit data
Ecology partners, submit your environmental monitoring data to EIM online. View on a large screen for best results.
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