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Technical resources for sediment cleanups

We have resources to help with your contaminated sediment cleanups. The materials also provide information on how we developed and now implement the Sediment Management Standards rule. Many of the resources on this page are accessible online. Not seeing a link below for the resource you need? Just contact us for a copy.

Note: Documents are Ecology's final publications unless noted otherwise.

Sediment management regulation

2013 Sediment management standards

Obsolete Rules

Sediment cleanup guidance

Sediment source control

Regional background

Baywide sediment studies

Benthic criteria development

Freshwater sediment: Floating Percentile Model (FPM)

Freshwater sediment: bioassays/Apparent Effects Threshold (AET)

Marine sediment: Apparent Effects Threshold (AET)

Marine sediment: bioassays and analytical tool development

Marine finfish rearing facilities (net pens)

  • Evaluation of Benthic Data from the Paradise Bay (Port Townsend) and Stolt Sea Farm (Port Angeles) Net Pens (1995)
  • Development of a Marine Finfish Sediment Quality Standard (1995)


Other freshwater studies

Human health

  • Fish Consumption Rates Technical Reports (2012)
  • Tier II Report: Development of Sediment Quality Criteria for the Protection of Human Health (DOH, May 1996)
  • Technical Review of Distributional Analysis Approaches for Cancer Potency Factors (May 1996)
  • Analysis of BSAF Values for Nonpolar Organic Compounds in Finfish and Shellfish [LINK 9] (November 1995)
  • Bioaccumulation Factor Approach Analysis for Metals and Polar Organic Compounds (October 1995)
  • Displays of Chemicals of Concern for Human Health-Based Sediment Quality Criteria (October 1995)
  • Tier 1 Report: Development of Sediment Quality Criteria for the Protection of Human Health (DOH, June 1995)
  • Regulatory Options: Use of Fish Tissue Criteria (September 1994)
  • Development of Human Health Sediment Criteria Using a Distributional Analysis (January 1994)
  • Concept Paper: Regulatory Policy and Structure For Development of Human Health Sediment Criteria (June 1992)

Dredged material management

Miscellaneous sediment management publications