Northwest Innovation Works - Kalama permitting

Northwest Innovation Works and the Port of Kalama have applied to construct a facility in Kalama that would turn natural gas into methanol. The facility would be capable of producing 10,000 metric tons of methanol a day, and would consume 320 million cubic feet of natural gas each day. The company states that methanol would be exported and used for plastic production. 

Second Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

On Nov. 22, 2019, we notified Cowlitz County, Northwest Innovation Works, and the Port of Kalama that we have determined that conducting a second supplemental impact statement is necessary before making a final decision on Cowlitz County's permit for the facility.

The supplemental environmental impact statement prepared by the applicants, and an additional response to Ecology's questions on that document, did not fully analyze the project's emissions, as directed by the Washington Shorelines Hearings Board and upheld by Cowlitz County Superior Court. 

Additional information on this second supplemental environmental impact statement will be posted to this web page as it becomes available. 

Recent permitting actions

  • On Sept. 11, 2019, Cowlitz County reaffirmed its decision to issue a shoreline conditional use permit for the project.
  • On Oct. 9, Ecology informed Cowlitz County and the project applicants that it needed additional information to complete its review of the permit. Ecology gave the applicants until Nov. 7 to provide the additional information.
  • On Nov. 4, Cowlitz County provided a respone to Ecology's questions.

Previously, we issued a 401 water quality certification to Northwest Pipeline for the construction of a 3.1-mile pipeline spur that would deliver natural gas to the facility, and a 401 water quality certification to Northwest Innovation Works for the facility itself. The Kalama facility would need a construction stormwater permit before construction can begin, as well as an industrial stormwater permit from Ecology.

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