Upland Fin-Fish Hatching & Rearing General Permit

We issue the Upland Fin-Fish Hatching & Rearing General Permit. This permit regulates wastewater leaving fish hatcheries. It went into effect April 1, 2016, and expires March 31, 2021.

Do I need a permit?

You need a permit if your facility discharges 30 days or more per year and at least one of the following:

  • Produces more than 20,000 pounds of fish yearly.
  • Feeds more than 5,000 pounds of fish food in any one month.
  • We determine your facility contributes significantly to water pollution.

Application and forms

You must submit a permit application 180 days before a new discharge or before your current permit expires.

Apply & change

Apply for coverage or change your coverage through your SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account.

Implement & comply

Proposed modifications to WDFW permit coverages

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) proposes to modify their permit coverages to increase hatchery production at eight hatcheries. You may view and comment on the following modified applications for coverages (NOIs) until Sept. 30, 2019. Please submit your comments using the eComments form.

  1. Kendall Creek
  2. Forks Creek
  3. Ringold Springs
  4. Wallace River
  5. Dungeness
  6. Palmer Ponds
  7. Samish
  8. Marblemount

Why do we issue this permit?

Fish hatcheries play a vital role in Washington's economy, recreational industry, and wild species conservation. But, concentrated fish can produce pollution that is released by the hatchery's wastewater.

Contaminants can include:

  • Pathogens and parasites
  • Medicine (like antibiotics)
  • Organic waste (carcasses, fecal matter)
  • Ammonia and nitrate
  • Biochemical oxygen demand
  • Disease control chemicals
  • Sand, silt, and debris
We issue this permit to reduce these pollutants in state waters.

Contact your permit administrator for assistance

Northwest Region

For facilities located in the following counties:

King and Kitsap

Laurie Niewolny

Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom

Chris Smith
(425) 649-7214

Central Region Eastern Region Southwest Region