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Coronavirus (COVID-19) status update

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we're only issuing renewal notices electronically. Please update your contact information to make sure we have your current email address. We plan to send the notices by email in mid-October.

As we respond to the coronavirus outbreak, we are committed to helping you maintain a safe and healthy workplace, provide vital services to your communities, and protect water quality. Below are the answers to some questions related to the Wastewater Operator Certification (OpCert) Program during this time.

*Reminder* The 2021 renewal fee increases to $98. For more information see the fee schedule established in the updated Rule as directed by the Legislature in 2018.

We certify operators to help ensure that they are knowledgeable and that wastewater treatment plants are properly operated and maintained. There are four levels of full certification  that are based on wastewater operating experience and education. The requirements and allowable substitutions for each level are listed in the rule (WAC 173-230-250). Each level also requires passing an exam.

We also have four optional Operator in Training (OIT) Group Levels. If an operator doesn’t meet all the education and experience requirements, but believe they can pass the next Group Level exam, they may apply for an Operator in Training exam. The requirements and substitutions for each OIT level are listed in a different section in the rule (WAC 173-230-260). We do not require an operator to earn an OIT certification to advance to the next full certification level.

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