Air quality emissions reporting

If your business emits air pollution, you will most likely be regulated by us or your local clean air agency and have to report your emissions.

We track air pollutants, toxics, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Washington Emissions Inventory Reporting System

Facilities with an air operating permit must send us, or their local clean air agency, their emissions data through the Washington Emissions Inventory Reporting System (WEIRS).


Our WEIRS data collection system keeps track of information that facilities with air operating permits must report annually. 

Annual air quality registration

Most sources of industrial air pollution are required to register with us, report their emissions, and pay a yearly fee based on the amount of air pollution they emit.

Registration program

Tracking emissions helps us keep Washington's air healthy.

To ensure businesses are meeting air quality requirements, we regularly inspect registered sources.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Washington requires some industrial facilities, businesses, and transportation fuel suppliers to annually report their greenhouse gas emissions. We use these reports to better understand the amount and sources of carbon pollution in Washington.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Some businesses and organizations that are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions are required to report them and in some cases reduce them.