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Annual air quality registration

If you emit air pollution, you will most likely be regulated by your local clean air agency or Ecology. This may require registering annually. Most sources pay a yearly fee based on the amount of air pollution and report their emissions. Some smaller sources just report their emissions.

Registration program

Tracking emissions helps us keep Washington's air healthy. To ensure businesses are meeting air quality requirements, we regularly inspect registered sources.

A local clean air agency needs to know when a business:

  • Expands operations
  • Adds equipment
  • Changes ownership
  • Closes

Determine which local clean air agency issues your permit. Each agency has its own registration process. If an agency other than Ecology issues your permit, contact them. If you live in a county regulated by Ecology, use the registration fees and emission schedule that applies to you.

Ecology's registration fees

We have three fee categories: annual, periodic, and exempt. Fees are due by June 30 every year.

Annual Source Annual Fee When to Report
Base fee $1057 Every year
Complexity $469, $938, or $1407 Every year
Per ton of emissions $16 Every year
Periodic Source Annual Fee When to Report
Small $450 Every 3 years
Medium $700 Every 3 years
Large $1000 Every 3 years
Exempt Source Annual Fee When to Report
Exempt None Every 6 years

Fee payment options

A business that is a periodic source may apply for a fee reduction by June 30, if you meet the criteria.

If you would like to pay your fee in two installments, you can enroll in our payment plan.

Ecology's emissions reporting schedule

Here are the dates to remember:

Date Action
Jan. 31 Emissions inventory report due to Ecology
Mid-May Fee bill mailed to you
June 30 Fee due to Ecology

More information

Contact the office where you are located or your local clean air agency if you are in another county or to learn more about payment programs.

  • Central Regional Office
    Chelan, Douglas, Kittitas, Klickitat, Okanogan Counties
  • Eastern Regional Office
    Adams, Asotin, Columbia, Ferry, Franklin, Garfield, Grant, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Stevens, Walla Walla, Whitman Counties
  • Northwest Regional Office
    San Juan County