Water budgets of individual local trees

Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will lead the project on the effectiveness of keeping local trees to mitigate stormwater runoff in Western Washington. A total of 21 trees will be fitted with sensors to measure how much water a tree uses, also called its water budget.   

DNR will collaborate with several groups to accomplish this study: Washington State University, City of Tacoma, The Evergreen State College, and Clemson University.

Study objectives

The study will answer how much rainfall is managed by an individual tree:

  • Quantify annual transpiration rates and annual canopy interception rates for evergreen and deciduous trees native to the Pacific Northwest.
  • Complete water budget and estimate hydrologic value of existing trees.

Project tasks and key deliverables

Contract IAA & Scope of Work

  1. Project administration
  2. Quality Assurance and Project Protocol development
  3. Instrument purchase and installation
  4. Instrument maintenance and Data downloads
  5. Data analysis and QAQC
    • Copy of data
  6. Final report
  7. Communication & outreach
    • Presentation
    • Factsheet