Evaluation of Best Management Practices Maintenance Conditions

The city of Bellevue, in collaboration with Herrera Environmental Consultants, will evaluate the maintenance thresholds or conditions for the following stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs): ponds, vaults, trenches, and tanks. Findings will suggest how permittees might adjust BMP maintenance efforts to maximize overall environmental outcomes to meet permit requirements.  

Study objectives

  • Gather information about maintenance practices from permittees' operation and maintenance programs, and published research data.
  • Develop a white paper that includes the synthesis of the local and published BMP maintenance practices, and recommendations for inspection and maintenance conditions. 

Study findings

Contract IAA & Scope of Work; Amendment 1 

The study will continue until February 28, 2025.

Project tasks and key deliverables

  1. Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Project administration 
  2. Survey permittees on BMP maintenance 
  3.  Research published BMP maintenance data 
    • Draft technical memorandum of literature and Ecology responses
    • Final Technical memorandum of literature and Ecology responses 
  4. Interview Ecology staff (Engineers and permit writers) 
  5. Pilot data analysis of permittee O&M data 
    • Data request
    • Draft technical memorandum 
    • Final technical memorandum
  6. White paper 
    • Draft white paper
    • Final white paper
  7. Communication Plan 
    • Presentation to SWG
    • SAM Fact sheet 
    • Presentation to local stormwater group