Building a business source control & inspection program

Municipal stormwater permittees, led by the Washington Stormwater Center, will expand a recent business inspection survey effort to develop a reference guide, new online tools, and trainings for permittees. These resources will help permitees develop their programs to meet permit required timelines.

Project description

The Washington Stormwater Center will build a new webpage for a new guidance manual with local examples, training videos, tools, and templates. Municipal stormwater permittees who are developing or refining their business source control and inspection programs will be able to access this guidance and resources to help meet their permit requirements.

Project tasks and deliverables

Project timeline is February 2021 to September 2023. Costs are $278,945.

Scope of work, Amendment 1

Task 1. Project management and quarterly status reports

  • Deliverable 1.1 Quarterly status reports
    • 2021:  Q2, Q3, Q4
    • 2022: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
    • 2023: Q1, Q2, Q3
  • Deliverable 1.2 Presentation to SWG and a local stormwater conference
  • Deliverable 1.3 Draft SAM fact sheet

Task 2. Information search

Task 3. Online guidance manual

  • Deliverable 3.1: 2 to 3 draft priority sections for TAC review
  • Deliverable 3.2: Draft manual for ECY & TAC review
  • Deliverable 3.3: Final TAC approved manual
  • Deliverable 3.4: Communication Plan

Task 4. Business inspection training

  • Deliverable 4.1: Draft training outline/agenda and curriculum
  • Deliverable 4.2: Develop approved training materials and online training tool
  • Deliverable 4.3: Implement four training sessions and capture video recordings
  • Deliverable 4.4: Final Training video and curriculum posted to the website