Stormwater Action Monitoring communications

blue and white SAM stormwater action monitoring logoSAM communication products are for stormwater managers and decision makers to use for adaptive management of stormwater programs and activities. 

Use SAM products to communicate with councils, stakeholders, scientists, and general public about SAM achievements, scientific findings, and recommended actions.

SAM's Communication Products

SAM Booklet

The following SAM communication products are designed for use by stormwater managers and stakeholders to understand the SAM program and each study's findings. Providing adaptive management of new stormwater information is our goal. We are grateful to the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) for helping design and produce SAM communications products. 

Interactive Bioretention Storymap

We are showcasing bioretention study results from SAM and other partners. 

See the storymoap

Completed SAM study Fact Sheets:


Learn more about how SAM works.

Learn more about SAM.


Learn more about bioretention.
Learn more about receiving waters.


You can use this presentation to help explain about the benefits of the SAM program. 

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