Regulations & Permits

We oversee many state and federal laws designed to protect Washington's land, air, and water. Rules and regulations that direct state agencies, local governments, businesses, and others on how to comply with relevant laws are compiled in the Washington Administrative Code. See our laws, rules, & rulemaking page for more information about our current rules and rulemaking.
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Air quality monitoring network
Learn about the air monitoring network that measures local air quality conditions and see the map interface for near real-time data.
Determining if areas in Washington meet national air quality standards
Ecology determines whether areas in Washington meet national air quality standards.
Our air quality implementation plan
The State Implementation Plan is an overarching plan to keep air clean.
Certification for incinerator & landfill operators
How to get certified to operate and inspect solid waste incinerator and landfill facilities.
TransAlta power plant agreement
The TransAlta agreement reduces harmful air pollutants from the state's only coal-fired power plant.
Air Quality permits
Permits for industrial air pollution and burning activities.
Annual air quality registration
Emission registration program for industrial air pollution.
Notice of construction permit
Businesses must get a permit before installing or changing a source of air pollution.
Burn permits
Burn permits for agriculture, outdoor, or residential burning.
Air operating permit for large sources of air pollution
Air operating permit requirements for large sources of air pollution.
General orders for permits
A streamlined group permit for common commercial sources of air pollution.
Attainment State Implementation Plans
Learn about Washington's plans to ensure communities meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards.
Plans for maintaining air quality
View current plans to improve air quality and meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards.
Transportation implementation plans
Find out how we make sure transportation investments are consistent with air quality goals.
Health impact review of toxic air pollution
New projects that emit toxic air pollutants must be reviewed.
Permit Register
The Permit Register includes notices about air operating permit actions or changes related to air operating permits.
Sulfur dioxide air quality designations
We are determining whether parts of Washington exceed federal air quality standards for sulfur dioxide.
Air quality monitoring network
A network of air monitoring stations to measure air pollution throughout the state.
Air Quality Burn Permitting System
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Air Quality Application Portal
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