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Skagit County annual BEACH report

The Padilla Bay Foundation monitored Bay View State Park beach in Skagit County where water quality has been compromised for several years.

From 2011 through 2015, the beach failed to meet recreational swimming standards. Skagit County has been able to find and fix sources of pollution to the bay, improving overall water quality. Water quality at Bay View has improved and the beach was closed only once during the summer of 2016.

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Bay View State Park in Skagit County

Keeping beaches safe

The Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication & Health (BEACH) Program ensures that marine water is safe to swim and play in and informs the public if water doesn't meet swimming standards.

During the 2016 beach season, 61 public beaches on coastlines were sampled from Memorial Day through Labor Day. High-use beaches were sampled weekly or biweekly for enterococcus, a type of fecal bacteria. High enterococcus levels are linked to swimmer illness.

Skagit County saltwater swimming beach

The Padilla Bay Foundation sampled Bay View State Park Beach in Skagit County in the summer of 2016.

Bay View State Park beach

During the 2016 swim season, Bay View State Park beach had good water quality. However, on May 26, sampling results were in the closure range. As a result, a swimming closure for this beach was issued from May 27 to June 1, 2016. Bay View State Park beach met the swimming standard for all other periods sampled.

From 2011 through 2015, Bay View State Park beach exceeded the recreational swimming standards for bacteria. Between the 2105 and 2016 monitoring seasons, Skagit County Pollution Identification and Correction Program made an effort to find and fix sources of pollution in the town of Bay View.

Water quality at Bay View State Park improved. Seasonally for 2016, this beach met the swimming standards for both the geometric mean and the 90th percentile.

Data summary: Bacteria results compared to standards

The chart below summarizes the bacteria levels at this beach in relation to the EPA swimming standard:

  Geometric Mean 90th Percentile
EPA Swimming Standard ≤ 35 ≤ 276
Bay View State Park 20 108