Clallam County annual BEACH report

We monitored three beaches in Clallam County during the 2023 season:

  • Cline Spit County Park beach
  • Hollywood Beach
  • Salt Creek Recreation Area beach

The Makah Tribe BEACH Program sampled their beaches weekly in 2023. 

Cline Spit Beach

Keeping beaches safe

The Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication & Health, or BEACH, Program ensures that marine water is safe to swim and play in and informs the public if water doesn't meet swimming standards. Sampling takes place from Memorial Day to Labor Day. During this time, you can check out current water quality conditions on the swimming map.  

Three beaches in Clallam County were sampled weekly during the 2023 season by the Clallam County Health Department. The Makah BEACH Program sampled five beaches weekly in 2023.

See details on each beach below.

Data summary: Bacteria results compared to standards

The chart below summarizes the bacteria levels in Clallam County beaches in relation to the EPA swimming standard or saltwater swimming criteria. Beaches are considered unsafe for swimming when the geometric mean of enterococcus/100 mL of water is greater than or equal to 30 and the statistical threshold value of enterococcus/100 mL is greater than or equal to 110. We issue a public swimming advisory when enterococcus levels exceed 104 per 100 mL of water.

Table: Calculated geometric mean and statistical threshold value at Clallam County beaches
(in enterococcus per 100 mL) for 2023.

Beach GM STV
Cline Spit 15 47
Hollywood Beach 16 54
Salt Creek Recreation Area 18 50