Using river & stream water quality data

Our interactive freshwater information database shares the status and health of rivers and streams across Washington. See instructions below for using the tool. 

Accessing data by map

The map-based application, the Freshwater Information Network, provides data about water quality for many rivers and streams in Washington. Focus in on which station to view with filters and layers, such as for Administrative Boundaries, Hydrography, and Land Ownership.

The blue diamonds on the map indicate long-term stations that are sampled once a month, often for many years. The brown diamonds indicate basin stations, sampled once a month during every fifth sampling season.

Click on the station you want data for, and a pop-up box will appear.

Location details link

Select the “location details” link inside the box to go to the location summary page that includes basic information on the site, such as geographical coordinates and the number of records for that station.

Location data link

Select the “location data” link to go to the data page. The data page usually includes a photo of the station on the left and some general locational information. Access to other station pages in the watershed (or WRIA) is to the right. Use the pull-down menu to switch between WRIAs.

Three tabs contain data and metadata

At the bottom of the Location data page are three tabs labeled "Data Overview," "Discrete Data," and "Freshwater Quality Index." The Data Overview tab contains the metadata for that sampling site, explaining the types of data collected for that station and how many data points are available for each of the measured parameters. The Discrete Data tab contains a table with values for all parameters from the monthly sampling events. Access different years through the pull-down menu on this tab. The Freshwater Quality Index is described on River & stream water quality index webpage.