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Ecology provides the high-quality science that is the foundation of Washington state environmental policy. Our monitoring, assessment, and modeling services provide a data-rich understanding of our state’s land, air, and water. We provide access to that data through reports, databases, maps and user-friendly online tools.

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Washington Air Quality Advisory
The Washington Air Quality Advisory (WAQA) tells you when air quality is healthy or unhealthy.
Air quality monitoring network
A network of air monitoring stations to measure air pollution throughout the state.
Air Quality Burn Permitting System
(SAW account required)
Air Quality Application Portal
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Agricultural Burning & Research Task Force
The Agricultural Burning Practices and Research Task Force (Agricultural Task Force) is established by the Washington State Clean Air Act.
Agenda 11/29/17
This is the agenda for the 11/29/17 stakeholder meeting.
Withdrawal letter (WSR 16-06-072) 02/26/16
This the withdrawal notice for the original CR-102 filed on January 5, 2016.
Rulemaking Adoption Notice (WAC 173-442; WAC 173-441) 09/15/16
This is a rulemaking adoption (CR-103) for WAC 173-442 Clean Air Rule; WAC 173-441 Reporting of Emissions of Greenhouse Gases.
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